Fair-Use & bandwidth limit



Dear customers/users,

We can understand that some do not understand what "fair-use" means so we decided to explain on how we see "fair-use".

Fair-Use means that you are not using the limits of your network for a long time. So if you have a 1Gbit network it is not allowed to use the full 1Gbit for long periods. If you are then we have the right to suspend your vps.

Thus we have also a system to insure that not everyone is abusing our network and completely ignoring the fair-use policy. Every VPS that has a unlimited (Fair-Use) will have a 1TB bandwidth limit, after they used up their 1 TB limit they can contact us and we will provide you for free a another 1TB. There is no limit on this.

If we suspect that you use up the 1TB limit in a very short period of time / suspect that there is something illigal running then we have the right to suspend your VPS. If we suspect that this is also done on other vpsses we have also the right to suspend those vpsses and open a investigation.

We hope that this cleared up some questions for you, if it didnt feel free to contact us thru [email protected].

~ Team Xeroz